Why this Classic Tote is the Unicorn of work & travel bags!

I want to share my experience finding the unicorn of travel and work bags! I bought this for myself & loved it so much, I decided to bring this line to the truck to share with clients. I figured if I was having trouble solving this problem, so could you be...... 

I have been searching for the perfect tote/work travel bag forever! I have purchased LOTS of different brands and bags in my quest, including two Tory Burch totes, a Longchamp bag, an olive green bargain tote, a messenger bag and a Thirty One bag. None of them have fit my req’s perfectly….or even ¾ of the way…...Admittedly, some of these are great bags but my bag utopia involves very specific needs.

Firstly, I require super sturdy handles. I don’t want fraying or pulling where the handles meets the bag….This is where the rubber meets the road and it’s got to be tough. Bonus if they double down with an additional set of straps—cross body style! (This is a near perfect scenario).Very rare to find one, finding both is like the unicorn of bags.

Secondly, I need space….I can’t stand a bag without a structured bottom…I’m not buying a bag to fit a phone and lipstick here. I need to travel with this bag. I need to lug work supplies and a mobile office around. I like a bag that stands up and has an actual bottom. Everything floating around and mashing together makes me crazy. So some structured pockets are a need as well. Digging for my ringing phone and not finding it is akin to nails on a blackboard for me, it’s got to be handy…

Which brings me to my next requirement—I need a pocket (preferably well padded) to contain my laptop. Notice I said laptop. Not iPad, not tablet. I’m lugging a FULL laptop and need a pocket to house said laptop….This is more rare than you think, trust me, I’ve looked. I’ve tried….And for all that is holy, please do not plop this in the center of the bag where I have to dig around it to find stuff. Bad architecture!

I also like additional room for my other “stuff” in addition to the laptop. I’m admittedly high-maintenance and I don’t travel too lightly. I have me stuffs and I must pack it in….Bonus if there are additional pockets or cubbies inside to compartmentalize my snacks from my Kleenex & wet wipes. (Yes, I wet wipe down every surface near me in that airplane)

Which leads to the final, yet equally important last req’s. The trifecta: looks, price and quality. This bag has to be cute…I blog about fashion & accessories and can’t have an eyesore on my shoulder even if it meets my other req’s. I have spent well over $100, even over $200 to try other bags but decided my utopian bag would need be under $100 and be of stellar quality. With the bag I am about to tell you I found, I had a bonus thrown in, because I’m all about good causes and recycling & being eco-friendly and green as possible….

Many of my favorite product ideas have come from Shark Tank and I first heard about these there. When I went to check them out a few weeks ago, I was blown away when I saw the Classic Tote. I mean, mind blown. Pretty much met all my req’s in one fell swoop. It has straps that fit comfortably under my arm, along with the holy grail of bags—the double cross body strap made with like, seatbelt sturdiness. Literally—they kind of look like mini seatbelts. LOVE!

Excitement is growing……then I see the laptop pocket and it not only secures the bag but it’s padded!! Yes ma’am. Then I see there is a lovely pocket on the outside, a furry lined zipper pocket on the other side (I’m already mentally placing my cell phone in one and Kleenex packets in the other!). A structured bottom and more room and little side internal pockets for stuff! This is the real deal. Look at all that room in there:


inside of classic tote

So, I decide to shell out the $88 plus shipping (hey—below budget, how often does that happen?) and I wait for my bag.

FUN FACTS: it is eco-friendly because they are recycling old vinyl billboards to use on the bags. WOW! Great idea (I think—why the hell didn’t I think of this, just like I always say when I watch Shark Tank) Anyway, they take this waste, essentially, and send it to their warehouse to be cleaned and cut and used in the bags. Something else I love (of course, because I love a “boutiquey” concept) is that each bag is unique---no two are the same. So the one you buy is the only one like it in existence! FABULOUS!

I think these bags have a very West Coast, beachy kind of vibe, especially the Basic tote which is all billboard material on the outside. So after getting my Classic tote and using it, I had to get a Basic---the ROOM in there is awesome. It’s begging for spring break! Can’t wait. These also fold pretty flat, so great for transporting when empty. Here's a few of our one of a kind basic totes--think beach, Farmers Market, picnic in the park, Zoo with the kiddos, or off to the spa!

All in all, I discovered the unicorn of work bags (and picked up a really cute and fun basic tote too).

Rare Form is helping the earth stay waste free (apparently these vinyl billboards just get discarded in garbage dumps and take up a lot of space. And they are heavy duty so don’t decompose easily or quickly). So save the earth, save your travel angst and look and feel great while doing it!

I have decided to carry this line of bags on the truck! I have the Classic totes, basic totes and small duffel bags available in unique patterns! Ladies---you will love and these make amazing gifts for working gal pals or clients! Here's me with my awesome bag:


Check them out on the site, where you can order and we will ship free thru March 31~. We want to set you up properly for Spring Break! Use code ‘unicorn’ when checking out to get free shipping on your bag!! Happy travels & happy work—made much, much happier with a Classic Tote!

 Link to available bags here--(or go on our site and look under Accessories!)

Pick up one for yourself here:


Your welcome, in advance!



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