Our girl has been doing great out there looking all custom closet-y for the shoppers! Since we have officially been on the road for two full (three season) years, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn't with the truck interior.

We are making some changes! The closet is getting a face lift; we are moving some spaces to create a jewelry hub with a better layout to see our offerings. We will be featuring some new pieces/lines and expanding our Erimish bracelet bar to include necklaces and maybe girls gem bands. Little girls LOVE our bracelet bar when they shop with mom.....

We are downsizing the PLUS section--just didn't have enough clients to warrant an entire section, though we still will carry 3-4 good solid pieces each season for our curvy guests!

We will be expanding the leggings section to include more & better leggings and are adding some storage space so we can do more accessories like handbags, totes, etc. We have some new vendors to make room for!

As far as clothes, we are expanding and swapping some vendors, but keeping pretty true to our extremely reasonable price points and quality standards! stay tuned here! We may also be adding some vendors offering XS due to demand!

We are throwing around some other options like athleisure wear (so popular! and small gifts-by demand)

Stay tuned for our spring reveal--better yet, get your #girlgang and book a mimosa heavy brunch this spring to build that spring wardrobe!

is there something you'd like to see on the truck? Some brand or item you covet and we should sell on the truck? Are you an artisan of some kind who has items we should carry? We are looking & evaluating so send us a message or comment here with your thoughts & ideas!!!!

hugs and kisses!



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