So excited to tell you all about Stylemax!! Firstly, for those wondering, Stylemax is the industry apparel show here in the Midwest (Chicago), where all the vendors come to showcase their pieces and looks for the upcoming season(s). And Spring was in the air!

I took my time going through the aisles (there are literally hundreds of vendors, but I knew what I was looking for.) I wanted to find a new jewelry line for necklace and bracelets, I wanted some new clothes vendors—one a little upmarket, maybe more work/career focused but simple. And another fun trendy brand or two to add to the Ensemble mix!

As I tried focused on the clothes, because there was a ton of fun and distracting stuff, I did find a treasure trove of choices! The old standbys (which doesn’t even sound right—these are FABULOUS LINES!), were Umgee, She & Sky and Monoreno….Found a new line or two that will feature a few pieces in Spring, with more than a few from Hem & Thread, which is a sister company of Mystree—whom we all know and love, but it can be pricier. Hem is a little sister brand which has the same quality but also fits beautifully into our price point and has a bit more fun/trendy looks that I know my fashionista mommas will love!


Mod & Ref is a tiny bit more minimalistic & upscale, but still a great price point….Somewhat more luxury fabrics, think modal and bamboo and have beautiful drape….A few will arrive in Feb and more arriving for the summer season! They will go fast, this I know!!

As far as Umgee—yep-went leggings shopping! Oh yeahhhh, they are the best—we all LOVE these! We purchased more coming in distressed, moto and a new mesh ripped pair and a cool camo jegging! Can’t wait for these to arrive! Also, picked up a style for our curvier friends as well!

Walking through the aisles, wide eyed and searching for perfection is so fun and so stressful! I wanted to buy everything!! Obviously…..but the truck only fits so much, so be prepared for the best of the best in the adorable dept!!!


We picked up a fantastic jewelry line that is a neckace and bad ass bracelet wrap in one—dual purpose! Yay to that—and a great price point under $30! Also, a brand we can really get behind because they give 10% of sales to women’s causes! It doesn’t get better than that! Absolutely adorable, great use as a dual-piece, and cause worthy!! We can’t wait to unveil this new arm & neck candy!!



 As far as trends….there are so many for spring! Catch our blog on Friday and we will go over the biggest trends we saw in color and styles and how we feel about these! At the end of the day, I was exhausted....but stopped for a glass of wine before one last walk through. I know you are going to love the spring lineup!


Comment here if you have questions on any of our new lines or show purchases!!!




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  • Stacy L Adelmann

    All things cold shoulder! I want dibs on the classic pieces. (You know despite trends I’m not a floral girl!)
    Sounds like a fun day!

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