Spring Styles & Trends!

Happy Friday! So glad its the weekend, we will be doing some more truck work (depending on temps), and tagging some new items and getting them loaded onto the website! But I digress....this post is all about the spring trends!  I had the opportunity to spend an entire day going through what vendors were offering for the upcoming spring (and even some early summer) seasons and I want to share all my thoughts with you! Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!

There were some definite trends I could see  and remember, this is just one girls opinion...but I did view inventory from hundreds of vendors! Again, drop me a comment if you agree/disagree! I love to hear what you think!

Let’s talk colors first—there is a lot of talk in the style blogs as of late about lavender making this big entrée into spring, and although I did see  lavender it wasn’t exactly the pastel purple you think it will be. It was called "lavender” many times but sometimes looked more like mauve or a less pastel version of what you think when you think of lavender, which for me is a far more acceptable color. Lavender conjures up visions of lilacs and it’s not a color I am naturally drawn to wearing a lot of...except if its the pinky kind of purple, mauve if you will...and a lot of the so-called lavenders were really more like this... (or so light they looked grey or blush-like) which brings us to our next color of the season....

Millenial pink--- still going strong. This was big last year and continues its reign in my opinion. Saw a ton of it—everywhere. In my book, this is a win, I love pink and shades of pink like blush, rose, salmon, etc… Goes well and mixes well with many colors too….(How do you feel about lavender and/or pink? Drop a comment….)

Lots of brands showing bold patterns and shades of yellow! Yellow for me is a draw, in that I’m drawn to it, but I don’t usually wear it. If you wear it, I’m probably a little jealous about your color pop, but it doesn’t do much for me—Although I'm not a fan of wearing yellow personally--  love it on others! And there was a lot of yellow shades—lemon, neon, sunshine---very springy and fun!

Bold patterns still going strong---lots of bright color mixes! Stars and star patterns seen in many places--this is a cool look I think, sort of edgy and fun. Picked up a few star pieces that are going to be must-haves!

Let’s talk about denim! Denim is big, y’all. I know, it’s a classic, but we are seeing it in new ways…..not just jeans & jeggings, but also cute denim and chambray dresses, button downs, off shoulder tops—not the typical stiff denim but softer and cuter.. Also lots of denim overalls (long and short)…….yikes, I know…..but yes, saw a ton! You can decide how you feel about those, suffice to say I didn’t order any for the truck!

Another biggie that was everywhere—on every item (top/bottom/dresses/bags) was camo! Camo reigned at the booths! Almost every vendor had a piece or two in camo…Look for it to spring into the season in a big way…..Camo is best worn as a single piece, paired with a solid or even  floral accents….It stands out, doesn’t overwhelm and is pretty adorable when done right! We, of course, picked some of the cutest camo pieces we could find in tops/vests/jeggings! Get ready for this fun trend!

As far as styles, don’t fret about all those cold-shoulder tops you got last year and worried you may be hitting the tail end of a trend. You’re totally safe to get them out again! Cold shoulders still have a top spot in the spring line up, with off-shoulder a close runner up.

The big winner, however, was sleeves! Sleeves are having a serious moment this spring and it’s a pretty cute trend. Bell Sleeves, tiered sleeves, puffed sleeves, cut out sleeves, cut up sleeves, and dramatic cuts reigned supreme! The more fun the sleeve, the better the look! In addition to fun sleeves, long and short, cut outs and asymmetrical necklines were very prevalent for tops, sweaters and dresses. Ruffles and ruffle embellishments of any kind were all over tops, sweaters and dresses! Ruffles are being used in creative and cute ways to amplify the style impact of simple tops!

The romper and jumpsuit was super popular, and high waisted/gathered waist pants (paper bag pants) were big. Saw a trend toward wider & flowier pants legs, either stand alone pants or romper/jumpsuit pants. The wide leg pant is back…..Rompers were cute with embellishments like the fun sleeves and cut-outs or ruffles. No plain old rompers around there---think fancy or fun!

Floral was back in a big way....Flowy floral tops, Floral dresses, especially with a vintagey-vibe are out in droves! Delicate patterns, pastel colors. The dresses look so good topped with a little jean jacket!

 Lots of linens, gauzy cotton pieces, and raw hemlines seem to be on trend as well. Embroidery was a huge addition for spring. Tops with placement embroidery, dresses with embroidered fronts, embroidery as an embellishment….it was everywhere! Look for this to be on lots of styles come spring/summer! I think it can be done well, but when its not you look like a mariachi dancer….It's a fine line, but saw it done in some really cute ways…A little goes a long way in my book. You’ll see some of this trend on the truck, along with the others up there (except for denim overalls---sorry ). I’m so excited to start receiving the orders from all our Stylemax purchases and posting them for you on Insta and FB, and making them available on the website as they come in!

 Drop a comment about anything you’ve read here---agree or disagree? Love to hear it!




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