Pop Up Parties!

We have all been to some sort of a home shopping party or event. Bags, candles, home decor, jewelry....all common home parties. They have been done over and over and usually people come buy something more out of propriety than neccesity. Our concept is a home party that actually appeals to all of our fashionista friends. Everyone shops--whether they like to or not, because we all need clothes! We make it easy and convenient and our prices are awesome! Ladies actually WANT to come to your pop up shop! Its different, fun, easy and affordable! And you will end up buying something you will use--because you pick it out, you try it on and you take it home that night! 

Our concept is a rotating boutique inventory. We buy a certain number of pieces and when they are gone, they're gone! no one else can get it! We buy new stuff and are constantly updating and rotating inventory. We have high quality and adorable boutique pieces, which by nature are more unique than dept stores, and we keep it affordable! No "Boutique" pricetags! Most of our pieces are under $50, with many in the $25-35 range!

SO if you are ready to host an awesome party or Girls Night that you and your friends will LOVE, give us a call! As a hostess, you  earn Truck Bucks as an extra perk! You cant go wrong!!

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